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Browse the collections of locally made eco-chic for the body and the home. Choose from Selector’s selection of screen-printed everyday pieces, and new label Sera Mitchinson’s collection of silhouette and structure inspired knit-wear and tailoring. A made to measure service is also available on enquiry, for that special occasion or a version of a current piece in the range.

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Sustainable Eco Fashion

We practise Slow Fashion, creating evolving ranges of timeless styles, intended to become wardrobe favourites, happily worn for many years to come. We use quality, locally sourced fabrics and construction, and are committed to maintaining ethical business practises, supporting fair trade, honest working conditions, and the local workforce right here in New Zealand.

We believe that conscious consumerism is a responsibility of us all, playing an essential and urgent role in preserving our fragile environment, and that Consumers can begin to change the world through becoming aware, sharing knowledge, and by exercising personal purchasing power. If everyone voted with your dollar the world would be in a better state!

New Zealand Prints and Timeless Styles

The prints and silhouettes we choose reflect an inspiration from the balance and harmony within
nature, and the surroundings in which we live. We love the native New Zealand environment, wildlife, plant life (particularly our amazing birds), and lifestyle in general, and we seek to reflect this passion in that which we create and produce.

A fluid and clean silhouette is favoured by Selector and Sera Mitchinson labels, and cut, fit, quality, and attention to detail are important to us. We intend these pieces to be worn and enjoyed for as long as possible, for a multitude of occasions, and love hearing customer comments and feedback about just that.

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